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Wirecutters is an ensemble led by Oscar Neyland devoted to the music of Charles Mingus, Eric Dolphy and Mal Waldron. The group plays their repertoire with our own methods and clearly defined internal concepts, paying homage to the music by being as adventurous and aggressively creative as the composers intended. The music is always uncompromising.

The group has a fluid line up, but pictured (L-R) to the right are Cheryl Durongpisitkul, Oscar Neyland, James Macaulay, Hannes Lackmann, Daniel Sheehan, Flora Carbo, Reuben Lewis, Chloe Kim, Adam Halliwell, Shaun Rammers - this photo was taken at the recording session referenced in this blog post.

The video performance to the right took place in Sydney with a Sydney/Melbourne hybrid of the ensemble featuring Chloe Kim (drums), Nick Mielczarek (guitar), Oscar Neyland (double bass), Shaun Rammers (tenor), Miles Rooney (trumpet) and Sam Gill (alto).

Photos credit: Oscar Neyland (R), Daniel Bornstein (Below) (http://www.danielbornstein.com/)

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