Charlie Haden Tribute

Charlie Haden was not someone who had influenced me for a long time, I only really became aware of his body of work within the last two years.

What struck me and really resonated with me about Charlie was his absolute truthfulness to himself in improvisation - he never sounds like he's allowing "fluff" into his playing. He allows mistakes to be heard and embraced, and allows for a simplicity in his playing that many bassists would consider "beneath" them.

His version of "Body and Soul" with Keith Jarrett from the "Jasmine" album redefined how I approach group improvisation and the role of the bassist. Free of ego and filled with purpose, serving only the music.

Here is a recording of Keith and Charlie discussing the recording -

And here is the recording of Body and Soul -


My version, trying to stay true to myself and play what I heard, without allowing for over complication, or "fluff", can be heard soon.