Tasmanian Trip Schedule and info

Today I jump on the boat, bringing a quartet's worth of instruments down to Tassie in one car. The quartet will join me tomorrow for what is going to be a full-on week of gigs, rehearsal, merriment, and adventure.

For those wanting to see us play, there are heaps of options.

The big one is on Saturday September 6th at a place called "The Arts Factory", and the event can be seen by clicking the following link - https://www.facebook.com/events/352762021540369/?ref=22 - this is the culmination of our four day Tasman Peninsula rehearsal retreat and also the launch of Jack Robert-Tissot Media's series of short films. The two performances will be linked, the details of how are a little secretive.

We'll also be playing at The Night Owl on Saturday night (the 30th) - this is a bit of a party/homecoming vibe - I've been hassling friends to come sit in, so it's not so much a quartet show as a big hang. Would love to see friends, family, acquaintances in the crowd.

It is also possible that both Saturday afternoons we'll be hanging out the Jam Jar Lounge in Battery Point. Hannah May will be joining us for some of the time at these events - open ended approach to standards.

Sunday the 31st is the Hot August Jazz festival, we'll be playing at The Crescent, at the top of Elizabeth St, from 4pm. Doing my originals mostly, there might be a few swingers in the mix as well. I'll also be at The Queens Head with Aletal from 1pm, playng with Al Park, Konrad Park, Dan Sulzberger and Neil Heather.

We're then away on the Tasman Peninsula from Sunday night until Thursday evening.

Thursday night we'll be teaming up with jazz vocalist Aly Rae Patmore at The Homestead for two sets of swing standards, 6-8pm. 

Also on the Thursday night, at The Night Owl from 10pm, the more experimentally inclined can catch Zeke and myself teaming up with my teacher/mentor Nigel Hope (electric bass) and Hobart jazz legend Konrad Park for an adaptation on their "Two Drunken Swordsmen" improv group. We call it "Four Drunken Swordsmen". There will probably be other festivities following this!

Friday Night we'll be down at Henry Jones - cocktail jazz, standards, 6-9pm. Most likely will just be Triggy, Josh and myself due to how small the room is, but we'll let everyone know closer to the date. If you're into something more straight ahead from your jazz, or you're keen for a drink after work, this is the one for you!

Sunday the 8th we'll be at MONA from 1-4pm, making something up and bidding farewell to Tassie in style. Come wander the museum and heckle us from the top floor. Shouting encouraged.